Easy To Clean Blender

Kitchen Essentials: Easy to Clean Blender

If you’re cooking for people with allergies, a good blender is a must. But the most important feature to look for is how easy it is to clean it thoroughly.

I’ve compiled a list here of blenders that are easy to clean. This will assure there is no cross contamination happening when you prepare foods for cooking, or make smoothies or juices.


This blender has a plastic container, which I love because I’m a bit of a klutz. Dropping it in the sink won’t break the container and I am so thankful for that. NutriBullet is also a “personal use” blender, which means the containers are cups that come in sizes ideal for both single-serve smoothies and small batch baking. It’s small, too, which is great in my tiny kitchen.

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Kitchen Aid 5-Speed

I miss this blender. We had this at a previous residence which had a kitchen of epic proportions compared to where we live now. If you’ve got room for it, the Kitchen Aid 5-Speed is a great blender. It’s also got a plastic pitcher and is dishwasher safe.

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Vitamix Professional Series 200

No blender list is complete without a Vitamix. These are professional grade blenders and amazing to work with. They’re not exactly compact, though, so I don’t have one at this time. However, I’d choose this one in a hot minute if we had the space.

I used one for a few years while living with a roommate and it really can blend just about everything and is hands down the easiest professional quality blender to clean. It also lasts practically forever. My old roommate still has hers years later.

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Hopefully, this list helps you find the best easy to clean blender for you. Do you have questions? Feel free to ask in the comments and happy baking!


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